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Healthy, Delicious, Ultra-pure Drinking Water

Drink water straight from your kitchen faucet! APEC Water Systems’ complete reverse osmosis water filters will produce an unlimited supply of bottled, premium drinking water while removing any chlorine, unpleasant tastes, odors and up to 99% of harmful contaminants to produce clean, refreshing water that everyone will love. Cooking with unadulterated filtered water will dramatically improve the taste of coffee, tea, soup and most items made with water – and it tastes even better with RO water!

Types Of Water Filtration Systems

There are basically two types of water filtration systems: point of use (POU) and point of entry (POE).

Point-of-use (POU) systems

POU systems are typically installed at the kitchen or bathroom sink. These systems can have one, two or three filter housings, each containing a separate filter, and a system flow rate of approximately one-half to one gallon per minute. Point-of-use systems can be installed at the countertop or under the counter. Depending on the type of water treatment you decide on, there are POU systems for reverse osmosis, UV and general water filtration.

Point-of-entry systems (POE)

POE systems are installed at the point where the main water line enters the home. A point-of-entry system is often referred to as a whole-house system because it provides filtration to treat the water throughout the house. Like point-of-use systems, point-of-entry systems allow for one, two or three filter housings with system flow rates of 5 to 20 gallons per minute.

More Benefits

More Water For The Family

Installing an RO system in your home will provide your family with clean, great-tasting water to drink and cook with. In fact, many families find that after installing a reverse osmosis drinking system, family members tend to drink more water and less soda or other sugary beverages.

Health Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

While water is treated in municipal treatment plants, many people want to go a step further to ensure the removal of lead, chlorine, fluoride and other impurities. Reverse osmosis water filtration has proven to be unparalleled in removing impurities from water in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Reverse Osmosis System


Essence 5-Stage 50 Gpd Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

The APEC ROES-50 features 5 filtration stages to make tap water or properly disinfected well water ready for drinking and cooking. The different media types combined with the membrane composite RO membranes remove up to 99% of the dozens of contaminants that can lurk in water such as chlorine, VOCs, lead, fluoride, arsenic, aquatic pathogens and overall TDS. this greatly improves the aesthetics of the water.


Essence Alkaline Minerals 6-Stage 75 GPD Reverse Osmosis Water System

This 6-stage system, ROES-PH75, is guaranteed to remove up to 99% of contaminants. Made in the USA, the cartridge uses food-grade calcium from a reliable source to safely and reliably raise the pH of your water. Enjoy ultra-pure drinking water with added calcium minerals to improve alkalinity and taste. Equipped with 100% lead-free design faucets and JG food-grade piping and components to provide safe, contaminant-free, pure water.


Ultimate 5-Stage 90 GPD Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Ultimate RO-90 is APEC’s flagship product, providing approximately twice the water volume of reverse osmosis under any standard sink system. 5-stage filtration removes up to 99% of a wide range of chemicals including dust, particles, rust, chlorine taste and odor. The sophisticated filtration process is WQA certified to NSF Standard 58, ensuring material and component safety, structural integrity and contaminant containment performance.

Advanced Filtration Technology

APEC Water Systems has long been at the forefront of water purification innovations, and their advanced filtration technology stands as a testament to their dedication to excellence. Rooted in rigorous research and development, APEC’s filtration systems employ a multi-tiered approach, ensuring each water drop undergoes a thorough purification process. Central to their success is the marriage of sophisticated engineering with premium materials, resulting in filters that adeptly trap and eliminate a broad spectrum of contaminants, from large particulates to microscopic impurities. Beyond mere purification, APEC’s technology also focuses on water revitalization, ensuring that while the water is rid of harmful substances, its natural taste and essential minerals are retained. This commitment to quality ensures that users don’t just receive safe water, but water that’s refreshing and health-enhancing. Additionally, APEC’s focus on sustainability means their systems are designed for efficiency and longevity, reducing wastage and emphasizing environmental responsibility. In essence, APEC Water Systems’ advanced filtration technology represents a harmonious blend of science, health, and environmental consciousness, setting a benchmark in the world of water purification.

Under Sink Water Filter System


With its large capacity, the APEC WFS-1000 is perfect for homes with high water demands. With its impressive flow rate and capacity, this filtration system can easily meet the needs of a larger home or property. When it comes to water filtration, quality matters. The APEC WFS-1000 excels in this area with its high-quality filters, designed to provide superior performance and longevity. Depending on how much water you use and the quality of your water source, these filters may last up to a year before they need to be replaced. This means fewer filter changes and less maintenance, making the APEC WFS-1000 both cost-effective and hassle-free.

Stage 1:

The APEC WFS-1000 utilizes a three-stage filtration process, with each stage targeting different types of impurities. The first stage involves a sediment filter that effectively removes larger particles such as sand, rust and silt. This initial filtration prevents clogging and protects subsequent filters, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Stage 2:

The carbon block filter takes center stage. This filter effectively removes chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and unpleasant odors to provide you with fresh, better-tasting water. Say goodbye to the aftertaste commonly associated with tap water and enjoy the pure essence of water.

Stage 3:

The final stage showcases a high-capacity carbon filter. This power station is responsible for removing any residual impurities and contaminants that may have slipped through in the early stages. The result is crystal clear water that exceeds your expectations for quality and purity.



Designed for 1-3 bathrooms homes, 10 gallons/minute. Guaranteed to remove chloramines, chlorine, taste, odor and color chemical-free water for softer skin and healthier lungs removes dangerous voc and thm contaminants from the water no more dry, itchy skin and scalp after showers and baths get clean, filtered water from every faucet in your home. Protects water softener resin from chlorine and chloramines. No backwashing, no maintenance required. Easy to install, no electricity, no drainage.



FUTURA-15 is an excellent salt-free, anti-scaling water conditioning system. Ideal for large homes with 3-6 bathrooms. Reduces hard water scale without the use of salt or chemicals. Protects and extends your water heater and appliances. It uses an advanced ceramic media that effectively attracts and neutralizes hard water characteristics without regeneration, backwashing or electricity.FUTURA’s catalytic particles are not consumed in the conversion process, resulting in extra long life and durability.


General whole house water filtration for removal of chlorine, sediment and odors

Improves the taste of water and reduces allergies and dry, sensitive skin caused by water chemicals. Enjoy chlorine-free water at every faucet!


Salt-free, Naturally Soft Water

Reduces hard water scale, extends the life of appliances and plumbing, reduces water stains, and makes it easier to clean Softer skin and smoother hair.

APEC Water Systems Filters

APEC Water Systems FILTER-MAX-ES50 50 GPD High Capacity Complete Replacement Filter Set

HIGH CAPACITY: This cartridge kit for the APEC MAX-ES50 reverse osmosis water filtration system can produce up to 50 gallons of pure water per day, ensuring your family’s water needs are met.


COMPREHENSIVE FILTRATION: This kit contains 5 cartridges that effectively remove suspended solids, chlorine, heavy metals, organic compounds, bacteria and other harmful substances from your water, ensuring you get safe and healthy drinking water.


HIGH QUALITY FILTER CARTRIDGES: These filter cartridges are made of high-quality materials with excellent filtration and durability to ensure long-lasting efficient performance.


EASY TO REPLACE: The cartridge set is designed to be easy to use, replacing the cartridge is a matter of a few simple steps without professional help, convenient and practical.


NSF CERTIFIED: APEC Water Systems FILTER-MAX-ES50 50 GPD High Capacity Complete Replacement Filter Set is certified by NSF to guarantee the quality and filtration effect of the filter cartridge, so you can use it with confidence.

APEC Water Systems FILTER-SET Replacement Stage 1-3 for Ultimate Series Reverse Osmosis System

THREE STAGE FILTER: The kit contains three filter cartridges for the first, second and third stage of filtration. The first stage filter is a granular cartridge that removes suspended particles, sediment and dirt from the water. The second stage filter is a carbon block cartridge that removes chlorine, odors and organic compounds. The third stage filter is a high reverse osmosis membrane, which effectively removes heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, ensuring you get pure and safe drinking water.


HIGH QUALITY FILTER CARTRIDGES: These filter cartridges are made of high-quality materials for excellent filtration and durability, ensuring efficient performance for a long time.


EASY TO REPLACE: The cartridge set is designed to be easy to use, replacing the cartridge in a few simple steps without professional help, convenient and practical.


COMPATIBILITY: The cartridge kit is designed specifically for APEC Ultimate Series reverse osmosis systems to ensure a perfect fit and superior performance.

In Pursuit of Excellence: NSF Certified

As adventurers in the pursuit of pure water, safety and quality are critical. That’s why you’ll be pleased to know that all APEC water systems mentioned in this article are NSF certified. NSF certification ensures that these systems meet strict water quality, safety and performance standards. It’s your assurance that you’re investing in a reliable and trustworthy water purification solution.

NSF certification also means that these APEC water systems have been rigorously tested and approved by reputable third-party organizations. You can rest assured that the water you drink is free of contaminants and safe to drink, providing you and your loved ones with the highest level of assurance.

Easy to Install and Maintain

When you begin your pure water adventure with APEC Water Systems, you’ll be pleased to discover the convenience these systems bring – ease of installation and maintenance. APEC understands the importance of simplicity, so they designed their water filtration systems with user-friendliness in mind.


The installation process is so simple that you don’t need to be a plumbing expert to set up an APEC water system. Each system comes with clear instructions and all the necessary components, including color-coded piping and quick-connect fittings. In just a few simple steps, your system will be up and running in no time, ready to deliver fresh, pure water to your glass.


Maintenance is just as hassle-free. The filters in your APEC water system are built to last, but when they need to be replaced, the process is simple and can be done without professional help. APEC provides clear guidelines on when to replace each filter, ensuring that your system continues to deliver optimal performance and pure water.

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Is Full Of Mystery And Excitement Waiting To Be Explored.

The best APEC water systems are a treasure trove of advanced technology and superior quality, providing you with the purest, safest drinking water available. Each of its products has its own unique benefits to meet different needs and preferences. With their advanced filtration technology and NSF certifications, these water purification systems bring peace of mind, health and convenience to your kitchen. Don’t miss out on your quest for perfectly pure water – it’s time to start your pure water adventure with APEC Water Systems!